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Two hundred fifty new cards and new levelling mechanics, bigger teams and more vital stats WWE Supercard Season 6 is the latest blood pumping event rolled out in the recent time. The game is all about collecting superior cards and play activities in the arena of WWE.

The game is a fantastic place to show your talent as a WWE superstar manager and win exciting prizes. Most players think that the matches are won through most fabulous cards only and for that in-app purchases are a must.

Let us tell you very openly, any game becomes accessible through the reward system, and WWE SuperCard has excellent rewards. If you know the WWE SuperCard Hack to manage these rewards and some wwe supercard cheats to earn the credits no one can stop you from playing the game.

Top 13 WWE SuperCard Hack And Cheats to Grab The Master Title

1. Daily Login Bonus

The most accessible WWE SuperCard hack tool that can give you rewards is the daily login bonuses. But you will not receive it daily; instead, you will get the rewards after 5, 10, 15, 21 and 28 days login. The awards include the following:

  • 5 Days login Bonus: 1 superstar, one support, one enhancement and five draft Packs.
  • Ten days login Bonus: 1 Superstar and fifty WWE SuperCard free Credits
  • 15 days login Bonus: 1 Superstar and hundred Credits
  • 21 days login Bonus: 1 Superstar and 150 Credits
  • 28 days login Bonus: 1 Superstar and 200 Credits
  • All these rewards are based on your top 8 rarities of card pack.

2. It’s Better to Pick Some Loser And Start Your Game

In the beginning, when you start the game with less number of superstars, then the best WWE SuperCard hack to play the game is to select some players who have a higher loss rate. You can check the opponents winning stake and losing stake from their profile.

Play against the players with more losses in the game. Your likelihood of winning is more in that, and the rewards you can collect is excellent.

3. Use Common Cards Against Your Best Players

The game is all about choosing the best cards and upgrading them. When you have a limited number of super cards, you must use them efficiently by training them with Common cards.

You will receive Common cards majorly in the starting and hence spending them against your available superstar is the best WWE SuperCard online hack. At a later stage, you might have to sacrifice them, but for the current scenario, it is the best way you can secure a maximum number of wins.

4. Create a Compatible Deck

Compatibility in the game is an essential factor that changes the complete gameplay. While choosing your players for the Deck, it is always best to look at the enemy players. You will find a rectangular mark with the same colour on the cards that are compatible amongst and against the opponents.

Selecting cards in compatible mode is essential WWE SuperCard Cheats for increasing your chances of a win.

5. Take Part in Daily Challenges

The game will require tickets to enter the ring, and the best WWE SuperCard hack tool to collect ticket is to take part in daily challenges. In the top right side of your screen, you will find a checkbox, and you need to tap it to find the daily challenges.

The game is all about competing and winning, and every challenge you win for the daily task will give you 1-3 tickets in the game. But do not play the game with WWE SuperCard hack apk- you won’t get these challenges, and your game might not be validated.

6. Watch an Ad And Earn Free Packs

In the earlier version, this WWE SuperCard hack was not available, but in season 6 you will get the best of it. When you go to the store section, you will find the promotional packs to buy. Scroll to the bottom, and you will find the free Pack.

You can collect one free Pack every time it is available. So check the store frequently and get it fast. The card contains two credits and one card. Check the store every four hours and collect this excellent Pack.

7. Always Play Events

Events are comfortable WWE SuperCard hack to win the best rewards and unlocking new aspects. In the event tab, you will find some events running all the time. Also, you will find some easy tasks in Events like collecting some cards.

These events last for a short duration, but within that period you can enjoy the game with new feature and collect some Super Cards. Many players wonder about some cards which are not available in a day to day card packs. These are event heroes who get unlocked when a specific event is organised.

These heroes are in general of higher rarity and hence collecting them is always one step ahead towards winning the title.

Many sites are offering WWE SuperCard generator for credits, but all of them are fake and never gives you any free Credit.

8. Season 6 Pack

If you have played earlier and start your game WWE SuperCard hack is the prime gift of Season 6 pack. It is an excellent card pack that includes ten super cards, one monster briefcase and 200 WWE SuperCard free credits. There is no WWE SuperCard hack required to grab this Pack only you need to start playing the game after updating. It might be an initial promotion of the game, and we do not know when it will stop. So grab the Pack now and replay the game.

9. Manage Stamina in King of The Rings

Your players do not have unlimited stamina, and they frequently get exhausted. After you play one match, your team stamina gets reduced, and you need to refill the energy. If you lose one match, you will get one stamina card from the Deck, and for winning, you will get two additional stamina.

However, there is a WWE SuperCard hack to get four stamina additional to every Deck. You need to watch a video, and the four more additional draws will come to you.   Always try to keep the maximum stamina in King of the rings matches and then only you can ensure your win.

If you do not follow these WWE SuperCard Cheats your best player also can lose a match. But for those who use WWE SuperCard hack apk have bad news- they won’t get any video to watch and can’t use these WWE SuperCard Cheats.

Another WWE SuperCard hack in the King of the ring matches is to swap players and change your Deck after every match. It will ensure that the new player you are choosing is wholly refreshed.

10. Support Cards

In the game, you will find some support cards which have different stats. These support cards play an essential role in the selection of your team. Some of these support cards enhance some stat and decrease some as well. So check the player you select and the support card so that you get the maximum boost.

Another WWE SuperCard hack is to use the best super cards like briefcases against your superior players. They will boost the maximum in your player’s stats, and you can have a better chance to win.

11. Play More to Win Maximum

Different WWE SuperCard Cheats are available in the game which gives you various rewards. If you play more matches in the game, you will receive a special prize in the game. In your profile section, you will find a ladder sign, and there you can collect your Prizes for these achievements.

But stay away from WWE SuperCard mod apk as your profile may get banned, and in turn, you will lose all the opportunity to get these rewards.

12. Play Royal Rumble

In the game, you can play PvP matches online, and those are excellent WWE SuperCard hack to enhance your King of the rings stamina. You will get ten draft pack for winning these Royal Rumble matches. Also, if you watch a video, you will get an additional four Draft Packs. So never miss these opportunities using WWE SuperCard generator.

But playing with WWE SuperCard mod apk might ban you from PvP mode, and it is always our advice to get away from these improper means of playing the game.

13. Upgrade Your Divas

Diva cards are the essential most part to win the King of the Ring matches. In these matches, you will play minimum one or two matches as solo female or tag matches. If you can win these matches, you will make a mark on the winning side.

The WWE SuperCard glitch to know here is frequently upgrading these divas. These diva cards generally do not use the support cards and give a maximum number of wins from the tournament.

Final Words

After reading all our WWE SuperCard Cheats it is essential to note that the game is all about choosing the best stars from your card pool and win matches. There is no complex chemistry in here except maintaining upgraded card and compatibility.

If you are unsure whom to choose in the Deck, there is a rare WWE SuperCard glitch to autofill cards. Initially, you can use it, but after you know the stats, you can easily choose the best stars for your Deck and win every match.